Packet Radio Digipeater & Mailbox

By | November 11, 2018

Packet Radio DigiPeater DB0PM

Service description:

The DigiPeater DB0PM runs on a DLC7. On the DLC7 runs a (X)NET-Digipeater with the callsign DB0PM. The Mailbox is reachable under DB0PM-8.

Packet-Radio Links:

  • 23 cm-Band: Vollduplexlink with 9600 Bit/s tou DB0AAT
  • HAMNET: AXUDP-link to DB0ZKA

Hardware: DLC7

Sysop: Daniel, DL6FZ

Packet Radio Mailbox DB0PM-8


The OpenBCM Mailbox DB0PM-8 runs on server The Mailbox can be accessed per Webinterface. The Mailbox is connected through a L2 AXUDP Link with the DLC7 DigiPeater.

Hardware:1HE Linux Mini Server, Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, CentOS Linux release 7.4

Sysop: Daniel, DL6FZ